Automotive Detailing (AUTO REVIVAL LLC)

Automotive Detailing (Auto Revival LLC)                                                     

Delays May Happen Without


Notice: My Daughter Has Been In


The Hospital ICU for 3 Weeks


Going On 4.


I Will Try To Call Before


If I Can Not Make It.



Updates On Facebook: Markanthony Washnwax 


$39.95 Effective 7-1-2018

$10.00 Savings Prepay with Paypal (LINK BELOW)

Before 7-1 (Up to 3 Per Household)



Limited Service: State Road 200 Area, Serving Oak Run, Top Of The World, Palm Cay, Ocala Palms.


Water Outlet and Electric Outlet Hookups Needed.


Best To Text Me At: 352-216-6462

LINE 2 Direct To Our Service Truck 


  Please Allow 1 Week Notice For Service


$39.95 Wash-N-Wax Inside and Outside

Mobile Service Completed at your Home 


2 Hour Service Includes: Hand Wash, Hand Wax,

Clean Windows, Clean Door Jams,

Clean Rims & Dress Tires, Dash and Vac. Interior


 Photo By (Above): Richard A. Gunther Sr. / Gunther Photography 352-299-5562




 Open 31 Years! Miami, New York, Ocala

Now Open: Ocala and 200 Area




Use Paypal Online (CLICK ON BELOW)

$29.95 EXPIRES: 6-30-2018





Mark Anthony  Owner/Manager 





Katie Anthony (New York High School Rodeo)


 Pictures Of Customers Vehicles




Very Proud Papa!



Mailing Address: 

6160 SW State Road 200, Suite #110, Ocala, FL 34476